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Tollgate Therapies

Massage and Therapies in Oxfordshire


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Sports Massage (Specific area, e.g. back or legs & injuries)
(Note : Taping and Strapping may be used depending on injury)
1 hour £40 / ½ hour £25

Full Body Massage

1 hour £40 / 1 ½ hours (with face / head massage) £55
(With Aromatherapy Oils please add £5)

Indian Head Massage

50 minutes £35

Reflexology – including Pregnancy Reflexology
50 minutes £35

Hot Stone Massage
1 hour £45 / 1 ½ hours (with face / head massage) £60

Thai Herbal Compress Massage
1 hour £45 / 1 ½ hours (with face / head massage) £60
(includes compresses to take away after treatment)

Hopi Ear Candles
30 minutes £25



Waxing :
Half leg : 30 minutes £15.00
Full leg : 1 hour £22.50
Bikini line : 20 minutes £10.00
Advanced bikini line : 45 minutes £17.50
Under arm : 20 minutes £8.50
Upper lip : 15 minutes £6.00
Chin : 15 minutes £6.00
Eyebrows : 15 minutes £6.00

Nail Treatments :

Manicure : 45 minutes £20.00
Luxury manicure : 1 hour £25.00
Pedicure : 45 minutes £20.00
Luxury pedicure : 1 hour £25.00
Nail art : 1 hour approx £20.00
Minx : 1 hour approx £20.00

Eye Treatments :

Eyebrow shape : 20 minutes £6.00
Eyebrow tint : 20 minutes £7.00
Eyelash tint : 30 minutes £10.00
Eyelash and eyebrow tint : 45 minutes £15.00
NB : A skin test is required 24 hours before a first tint treatment



Information adapted from the Federation of Holistic Therapist www.fht.org.uk

Sports Massage
A deeper tissue massage, originally developed to help athletes prepare and recover from training and competitions. Now widely used for everyone as a deeper massage working into areas of tension and stress.
More specifically used for one area of the body, e.g. back or legs, during a treatment.
Some Remedial Massage techniques will also be used during the treatment. Taping and Strapping may be used, depending on the injury.

Full Body Massage
Massage, also known as holistic, full body or Swedish massage is both a relaxing and stimulating treatment. With the use of oil or other massage medium, the Therapist manipulates the client’s soft body tissue, helping to; improve skin and muscle tone; rid the body of toxins; and improve circulation. This treatment, like many other holistic treatments is particularly effective at tackling stress.

Aromatherapy in general is the use of aromatic plant extracts (essential oils) to improve health and emotional well-being and restore balance to the body.
During an Aromatherapy Massage I will select a small number of essential oils whose properties will be of particular benefit to you, and incorporate these into a massage.

Indian Head Massage
Both a stimulating and relaxing treatment, Indian Head Massage concentrates on the face, scalp, shoulders, upper back and upper arms.
Traditionally, oils are used to condition the hair, scalp and skin, but many clients in the West prefer to have a ‘dry’ treatment. Clients will remain fully clothed and seated. Some ‘chakra’ energy work included towards the end of the treatment.

Reflexology is based on the principle that reflex points on the feet are connected to corresponding areas throughout the body. In this way, the feet can be seen as a ‘map’ of the body. I work on the reflexes in the feet during the treatment as well as starting and finishing with a general foot massage. Reflexology is said to help correct imbalances throughout the body and release blocked qi (energy).

Hot Stone Massage
This treatment uses hot and cold stones as part of full body massage routine. During the course of treatment, the stones are placed under and on top of the body, as well as pushed along the skin’s surface, to help relieve muscular aches and pains and induce relaxation. I can also incorporate hot or cold stones into other treatments such as Reflexology.

Thai Herbal Compress Massage

A wonderful full body massage using Thai Herbal Compresses, which are heated. This treatment is an excellent combination of massage, heat, aromatherapy and herbs. Brilliant for muscular aches and pains and relaxation.

Hopi Ear Candles
Also referred to as ‘Thermal Auricular Therapy’ this treatment involves inserting and lighting hollow candles (made primarily from linen, honey and herbs) into the client’s ears. Once both ears have been treated, I will finish with a face massage to help flush out the sinuses. Thermal auricular therapy is said to benefit a number of conditions affecting the ears, head and sinuses.

Personal Training
The aim of a Personal Trainer is to provide a one-to-one service that will initially assess the client’s level of fitness before preparing a tailor-made fitness programme. The Trainer will teach and supervise the client whilst performing the agreed exercises on a regular basis, and adapt the fitness programme where necessary.

Nutrition Advice
Nutritional Therapists identify ways in which the client can improve his or her health and general well-being through diet. Following an in-depth consultation, the Therapist will discuss any possible nutritional deficiencies or food intolerances that the client may have; suggest appropriate tests; produce a special diet plan, and include foods and supplements that will be of particular benefit to the client.